Dutchfield Farm where horses grow



     * * 5 days of intense dressage training * *
               and lots of fun with your horse!


     * * Stay tuned for the next camp date * *



In the Sandhills of NC, in close proximity to Southern Pines,
the Carolina Horsepark and the Pinehurst Racetrack you may
find our annual Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp.
It is a fun, educational week for everyone who loves dressage.

Our 2019 camp is scheduled May 4-10, so keep the dates
open to join us!
Your trainers will be Jeanette van Mill, Kris Hamilton and Amy Bresky.
Camp (10 participants maximum) includes:
   -  3 days of 2 lessons, including 1 group lesson
   -  1 day with various activities
   -  1 day of 1 lesson
   -  shared hotelroom (other options possible)
   -  lunch
   -  stall and paddock

Our information letter about camp and the entry form you
may find below.

If you have questions, feel free to contact  Jeanette, 
phone: 910-215-4845 or e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..












    Impression previous Camps


John and Sammie getting instruction from trainer Jeanette

Pat and Silver    Gina and Queenie

Betty and Rolex

Wanda and Kadour    Mary-Ann and Simon

Also fun: just watch others do their job

Lori and Turner    Molly and Rodney

the other site of the ring: being a judge

               Show time for Amy and Welkin


it is all .....    about ..........

          B A L A N C E  !

Lunge lesson John  Lunge lesson Mary-Ann  Lunge lesson Molly

Connie with trainer Heather

Lunge-lesson time for Gina

                John trying to explain why and how ......

      John! Where is YOUR piece of art?????

Julie's favorite number 3    this piece of art is on number 2

               the absolute winner!

serious training with trainer Kris

time for drinks and snacks    and time for hay

                Only Jake and Samson did show up for the group photo ....