Dutchfield Farm where horses grow


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STALL with training / lessons



Dutchfield Farm has a 12 stall barn which is surrounded by 23 acres of paddocks and land.
The stalls are 12 by 12, the broodmare stall is
12 by 18.




All stalls are equipped with rubber mats, automatic waters, overhead fans and a fly system. The inside wash stall has cold and hot water. In the heated tack room is a washer and dryer available.

We have two outdoor sandrings, a roundpen for lunging and miles of trails to relax on.

The paddocks are of various sizes with double fencing for individual turnout or for horses paired up with a compatible partner.




Included in all boarding possibilities are:
√ Owners choice of grain
√ Quality hay

√ Feeding four times a day
√ Daily turnout
√ Night check
√ Blanketing when needed
√ Worming every 6-8 weeks 

Prices for boarding per month *):


Full training board - *** CALL ***
√ Training 5-6 days a week


Half training board - *** CALL ***
√ Training 3-4 days a week

 Basic board - *** CALL ***


*) Notes:
~ Vet and farrier are not included in the above

    mentioned prices
~ Owners choice of grain, unless locally not

~ Training days: according to horses needs, age

    and fitness










Barn Dutchfield Farm
barn Dutchfield Farm
one of the 2 sandrings of Dutchfield Farm
wash stall Dutchfield Farm
daily turnout at Dutchfield Farm
farrier at Dutchfield Farm
Our oldest boarder Chippy