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Due to the weather forecast we are canceling the Fix a Test,
Dutchfield Farm wishes everybody
a great 2018!




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A date is set for our 2017 Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp!

May 6 - May 12, 2017

Our Information Letter and Entry Form with prices you may find in the menu under tab Camp.

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Fix-a-Test schedule
January 1, 2017
time  rider horse test RR or RRR
9:30  Irene Konstanty Cabaret Intro test C RR
10:00  Paola Johnson Fizz Intro test B RRR
10:40  Lucino Morales Juanita Beg. Novice test B RRR
11:20  Andrea Chisholm Annie Beg. Novice test A RRR
12:00  Lauren Walker Eleonor Intro test A RR
1:00  Cherie Werfel Whiskey&Rye 2nd Level test 1 RR
1:30  Joy Hudson Royal Veritas 1st Level test 3 RR
2:00  Sarah Morris Ringo Training test 2 RRR


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Dutchfield Farm Fix-a-Test 2017 Entry Form

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Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp 2015

Our 5th annual Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp is scheduled for May 02 - May 08, 2015, so come and join us in the Sandhills of North Carolina!

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Wishing all our customers and friends

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April 19 - 24, 2014: come and join us in the Sandhills of North Carolina!
A new tradition seems to be born. We just organized our 4th annual Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp in a row!

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a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers and friends!

Christmas at the barn!

A wonderful Christmas surprise at the barn! Thank you Mary!

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Yes, we will do it again!
We will celebrate New Year's Day 2014  with a Fix-a-Test, judged by Kris Hamilton. Because of the large number of enthusiasts, our schedule starts at 9:15 am!
dutchfieldfarm fix a test 2014

                                         * * * * * 

Amy Bresky, our Fix-a-Test secretary, wrote a wonderful article for those not familiar with what a Fix-A-Test (or Ride-Review-Ride, as it is also known) is, it is a highly educational activity for dressage/event riders of all levels. It is an opportunity to ride a dressage test of your choice (including the new 2014 eventing tests) in front of a recognized judge...
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5 days of intense dressage training and lots of fun with your horse


Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp 2013: a wonderful group of enthusiastic people!

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FIX-a-TEST on New Year's Day 2013: C A N C E L E D.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't have very nice plans for New Year's Day, so we have decided to cancel the Ride-Review-Ride at Dutchfield Farm on January 1st. Thank you for entering and we will just tear up your check. If we are able to run another one at a later date, we will let you know.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay inside, warm and dry!

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                      NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2012

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Jeanette's youngest student Konnor Edwards with her Bellissima joined the GAIG/USDF   Reg. 1 Championships at Harvest Moon Dressage in Williamston and made it all happen!
They won 4 ribbons (1st place twice!) and points up to 65.63%! Congratulations Konnor and Bella: we are so proud of you!

Konnor Edwards with Bellissima at Williamston 2012 
and: YES, she was ready to go for it!

Konnor getting ready to go for 4 ribbons!

                                          * * * * * 
                         MARCH / APRIL / MAY 2012

                                          * * * * *
In May we organized the second Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp. Just as last year it was a success. It were 5 days of intense dressage training and lots of fun! 
Jeanette (organizer and trainer): fun is an absolute part of the deal! Connie and Floyd agree. 
We found out that creativity amongst some of the participants was far beyond our expectations! 
And this wasn't even the winner....
Click on me for more impressions of Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp 2012

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Just Louis: this handsome darkbay Dutch Warmblood KWPN gelding was imported directly from Holland.
We found exactly what we were looking for: a great horse in a small package!
Congratulations Julie with your new horse!

Imported from Holland: Just Louis, a Dutch Warmblood KWPN gelding
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                       JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2012
                                          * * * * *
New Years Day 2012 started off with a beautiful day for the dressage Fix-a-Test at Dutchfield Farm.
Judge Kris Hamilton
did an amazing job and everybody came away with some good information to improve their dressage tests.
Dressage Fix-a-Test with judge Kris Hamilton at Dutchfield Farm NC  
The Dutch Oliebollen and Appelflappen, a tradition in the Netherlands at New Year, seemed to be enjoyed, with the Oliebollen at
number 1.
Cora, the rescue horse, wants to thank everybody that participated and for the generous donations.
And a huge thank you to the volunteers as without them this would not have been possible.

Fix-a-Test New Years Day @ Dutchfield Farm

Click here for more pictures of New Years Day Dressage Fix-a-Test
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                        SEPT / OCT / NOV / DEC 2011

                                          * * * * *  

On 20-23 of October Jeanette and Z-boy (aka Yze Fan Vels)went off to the GAIG/USDF Regional Dressage Championships in Virginia and came back with a beautiful purple ribbon for the 7th place second level dressage!
Jeanette van Mill and Z-Boy 7th place at Regional Championships in Virginia 2011 
                                          * * * * * 
An exciting and challenging weekend in October: Jeanette was asked to teach a dressage clinic for drivers. It were wonderful days with a fun group of people!

Jeanette van Mill teaching a dressage clinic for Drivers 
                                          * * * * * 
8-10 of September Jeanette was coaching John Reilly for the AEC's at Bouckaert Farm near Atlanta.

Congratulations to John with his 4th place in dressage at the AEC's in Atlanta, a great round cross country, only a weee bit to fast, clean stadium round ending with a great 8th place overall. We're proud, John!!!
                                          * * * * *
Looking back at a great summer with Jeanette and Z-Boy qualifying for the second level Regional Championships and Wanda Morrow with Kadour scoring a 64.2 and a 63.8%, we are starting our fall season.
                                          * * * * *
                       MARCH / APRIL / MAY 2011
                                          * * * * *
The first Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp was a success: all participants were very enthusiastic and told Jeanette, although exhausted, they could not wait till the next camp! We will love to see them back, they were a fantastic group!
Cap Contest @ Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp 2011 
Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp 2011: Jeanette and all participants 
                                           * * * * * 

New in town from May 7-13:
Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp in Aberdeen NC near Southern Pines and Pinehurst.
Dutchfield Farm Adult Dressage Camp NC 
                                          * * * * *
Jeanette will be taking the Friesians Z-Boy and Fred to March Magic Dressage in Williamston from March 25-27 and Fie Andersen will make her debute with Rocazino, her new Oldenberg stallion. 
                                          * * * * *
Too late for Valentine, but a fantastic present for April 8, 9 & 10!
Give yourself the treat of riding with a master instructor and trainer.
For the third year back at Dutchfield Farm:
Click on flyer for information about David's clinic.
David Collins Clinic @ Dutchfield Farm 
                                          * * * * * 
Our second sandring is a fact! It took a while and a lot of work but the result is fantastic!

working on the new sandring    we are lucky they have machines for this!    it starts looking like a ...
Our new sandring!
                                          * * * * * 
On 6, 7 and 11th of March you may find Jeanette at Linda Dreher's Southern Pines Adult Camp as one of the Dressage Instructors.

                                           * * * * * 

                OCTOBER / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2010

                                           * * * * *
The Harvest Moon Dressage in Williamston
was a success.

Jeanette van Mill and Z-Boy in Williamston 2010
Jeanette van Mill and Z-Boy in Williamston 2010
Jeanette's friesian Z-Boy, (aka Yze Fan Vels) was in super form and they had awesome scores in both first and second level, as well as highest score of the day on friday! A great way to end the season!

Jeanette van Mill and Z-Boy: ribbons!
Three generations of the Cantrell family came to support us on saterday. Z-Boy loved all the attention.
Thank you for your support!

Fantastic supporters: three generations Cantrell-family

                                          * * * * *

                                JULY / AUGUST 2010

                                          * * * * *
Jordan Cantrell and her friend Rebecca could not be stopped by the heat as they were coming for a long weekend of dressage instruction and.... to meet Geartsje.
Grettel's kiss for Jordan     Rebecca and Grettel
We could see there was love in the air as there was not a hair out of place on that horse all weekend!
Thank you Jordan and Rebecca for your enthusiasm unless the heat. Jordan was introduced to some more lateral movements and Rebecca had her introduction to a Friesian. You both did great! And not to forget: thanks for your help in and around the barn!
                                           * * * * *
Today, July 11, is an exiting day. For one day you will see Jeanette wearing orange and hear her yelling: Holland-Holland-Hup-Holland-Hup!!
For those who didn't know up till now: yes, she's Dutch!


Her yelling did not make them World Champion but she's still proud of the Dutch team: second best soccer team of the whole world is wonderfull too!! 

                                           * * * * * 
                                   MAY / JUNE 2010

                                           * * * * * 
Jeanette's student Sharon Hakas just started competing with her new horse Oso. She is so proud they brought home two ribbons!
They have already placed 1st and 2nd at a
local dressage show and third at a one day
eventing trial.
Congratulations Sharon and Oso! Up to the next show!

Ribbons for Sharon and Oso! 
                                           * * * * * 

                                 MARCH / APRIL 2010

                                           * * * * * 

The month of March is as always going to be a fun and hectic month where we start off with the David Collins Clinic at Dutchfield Farm. Many thanks to Fie Andersen; she has been riding with David for many years and has organized the clinic.
This is Fie Andersen's second year wintering at Dutchfield Farm; she trains and teaches from her own farm in MA the rest of the year > equitodressage.com.

Fie, David and Jeanette 
                                           * * * * *

Next on the list will be Linda Dreher's Adult Camp in Southern Pines, where Jeanette is one of the Dressage Instructors on the 7, 8 and 12th of March. 
                                           * * * * *
In the meantime trainer Rebecca Coffin from Rhinebeck NY will arrive. She will be boarding at Dutchfield Farm throughout the Southern Pines Horse trails, where she will be competing and coaching some of her students.
                                          * * * * * 
Kay Dixon and her friends Kathie and Diane will be at Dutchfield Farm for some serious dressage instruction from the 15th-19th to finish their week at the Antares Schooling Show.

Yearly dressage week @ Dutchfield Farm for Kay, Kathie and Diana 
                                          * * * * *
On the 18th longtime client and friend Jamie Lopes will arrive with Max for his month of Bootcamp at Dutchfield Farm. His dog George has different plans, he is on vacation here and much to his dad's dismay, loves to swim in my pond...
                                          * * * * *
On March the 22nd Jeanette and her Friesian gelding Z-Boy will be attending the Verne Batchelder Clinic at Amy Bresky's Friendship Farm in Southern Pines > www.friendshipfarmsp.com before they ship out to their first show of the season, March Magic  Dressage in Williamston.
Together with some of Dutchfield Farm's regular clients, we will get the chance to show the results of our training over the winter in the show ring! 

Jeanette, Z-Boy and Verne

                                           * * * * *