Dutchfield Farm where horses grow

USDF Bronze and Silver medalist Jeanette van Mill is the proud on-site owner of Dutchfield Farm, a small and quiet quality horse boarding and dressage training facility on 23 acres of land, located in the beautiful area of the Sandhills between Hoke and Moore County, NC.
You will find Dutchfield Farm in close proximity to Southern Pines, The Carolina Horsepark (former Five Points), and the Pinehurst Racetrack, which provides easy access to many schooling shows and recognized shows.

Friesian gelding Siebren and dressage trainer Jeanette van Mill

Jeanette grew up in Blaricum, a small farmer’s village in Holland, where she was infected with the "horsebug" at the age of about four. Since she was a child she helped the farmers in her village taking care of their horses and with foaling. At seven years old she had her first riding lesson.

Her infatuation with horses grew, so the only thing she could do about it was: to make it her profession.

After graduating high school Jeanette went to the UK as a working student at a breaking and training facility, after which she came home to enroll at the Dutch Equestrian College in Deurne, graduating in 1985.
Jeanette moved to the United States in 1986, as she was hired by an international sales barn, Longreen Farm in upstate New York.

Five years later she started her own boarding and training facility, Mole’s Hill Farm in Sharon, CT.

In 1999 the longing for better weather brought her to North Carolina. 
She scaled down a little so she could concentrate more on dressage training, clinics, lessons and breeding with her Friesian mare Gabriel.


During her 25 years of experience with horses it became clear to her what her goals really are.
Most important to Jeanette is the horses’ well being and empathetic training in accordance with classical principles.

Dutchfield Farm offers comfortable well bedded stalls in a quiet well ventilated barn. Each stall has automatic waters, guaranteeing continuous fresh water for the horses as well as quality food, free-choice hay and personal care. 
As a trainer and teacher, Jeanette's experience and great empathetic approach brings out the best in both horse and rider.
This personal approach results in a more enjoyable time spend with your horse, whether simply seeking an enjoyable riding experience or pursuing a serious goal in dressage.


Thanks for visiting the website. For more information please call Jeanette at (910) 215_-4845 or send her an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.












Jeanette van Mill owner, dressage trainer and instructor of Dutchfield Farm

12 stall boarding and dressage training barn in Aberdeen NC
Jeanette van Mill competing

Dutchfield Farm Ribbons on display
Jeanette van Mill and Yze fan Vels competing