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My name is Amanda.
I'm a 31 year old novice.
I fell in love with Z-Boy before I ever met him. Just look at his picture.
A perfect horse for a novice, he's strong but gentle, attentive and kind.
He alone teaches me something new every week. And I find myself thanking him at the end of each lesson for working hard to make me look good, whether it's merely staying centered beneath me while cantering or helping with the "how to" of tacking.


During our first meeting, Jeanette asked "What is your goal?" "I want to know everything" I said.


It's her willingness to answer every question I have from horse health, to tacking, to riding, to running the farm, to horse behavior that makes her THE perfect teacher.


What I appreciate most
is that during my lessons I have both Jeanette and
Z-Boy's undivided attention.


Every week they challenge me, pushing just hard enough so that I witness my own growth. And it is that per se, that has me returning week after week.