Dutchfield Farm where horses grow

























My name is Sharon.
Our family moved to
Southern Pines from
Pittsburgh, PA in late
2002. We were looking
for a home with land
and ended up buying
a horse farm, even
though I had little
experience with horses.
Once we owned a
horse farm it seemed
logical to buy some

Jeanette had a horse
for sale, so my husband, 10 year old daughter,
infant daughter and I went to look at it.
We pulled up to the barn, and were greeted by chickens, dogs, cats, sheep, and of course, horses. 
Jeanette was vacuuming a blue roan paint named Huey. We quickly realized that Jeanette was not going to sell us this horse unless she thought it was the right home for him. After multiple test rides, visits to the farm, and an agreement that I would take at least two (free) lessons to make sure that Huey and I were off to a good start,  we took him home. 

Fast forward to six years later. I just started competing with my new horse, Oso, and have already placed 1st and 2nd at a local dressage show, and third at a one day eventing trial. 

This would not have been possible without Jeanette. She is still my trainer, and yet so much more.
She’s my cheerleader, advisor, psychologist, drill sergeant and the very reason this “late-blooming equestrian” has learned so much while having so much fun (and bringing home ribbons is nice, too!).